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2011 Navajo-Churro Flock

MTF Cocoa a reddish brown ewe

MTF Cocoa (N-CSA# C6798-13)

Cocoa is a lovely, but skittish brown ewe. She is very alert, and her wariness is a natural protection against the predators that roam the mountains around us, but she isn't the easiest ewe to handle. Luckily, her lambs seem to have a much better temper than her, and as she isn't aggressive, I've never been displeased. She is our oldest ewe, and will soon be retired from lambing so that she can enjoy her golden years producing nothing more than her gorgeous, lustrous red hinted fleece. While I'm not really sure why, apparently her registration papers were never filed, and so she's slipped through the cracks for many years and at least two previous owners. She will be submitted for registration in August 2012.

Cocoa's Sire: SB George (N-CSA #C4605-05); Sire's Sire: baw Rafael (N-CSA #B3226-02);Sire's Dam: baw Nadia (N-CSA #C3374-03)

Cocoa's Dam: MTF Red Spruce (N-CSA #B4000); Dam's Sire: PDF Whitehorse (N-CSA #C3005-02); Dam's Dam: RHR Penelope (N-CSA #A2369-99)

NSP SkunkyNSP Skunky (N-CSA #5276-08)

Skunky was bred by Meredith Howell, and she's quite the character. Skunky is a typical mature black ewe, with a fantastic blue tinged fleece, and a darling skunk stripe down her nose. She is available for reservation, as her genes are very well represented in our flock. She actually is not as wooly looking as her photos appear, although she does get some seasonal scrub on the fronts of her back legs which sheds out in spring. Her face is clean, with a light amount of grow out on the cheeks behind the eyes, but she isn't as closed face as it looks like in this photo. She throws nice clean legged and clean faced lambs with high quality fleece, and she tends to throw lots of twins.

Skunky's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Sire's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Sire's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #2218-98)

Skunky's Dam: Meredith Howell's Allison; Dam's Sire: Susan Faria's Dodge; Dam's Dam: Susan Faria's Ruby

NSP Noir, a black ewe with bluing tips to her fleece NSP Noir (N-CSA #5274-08)

Noir is my very favorite barnyard character. This zany black ewe has taken it upon herself to be the farm fashion police. If she sees underwear poking above blue jeans, she'll come over and snap them with her front teeth. The first time she did it, I thought somebody was pranking me, but since then, I've come to treasure Noir's humorous antics and her rare kisses. Noir isn't always the first one to come up for treats, but she's always the most insistent about giving sheep kisses after receiving her favorite sheep treat of them all: dried apple slices.

Noir's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Sire's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Sire's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #2218-98)

Noir's Dam: Susan Faria's Kari; Dam's Sire: NSP Ram; Dam's Dam: Browni Moorit

NSP Athena, a beautiful black ewe with blue coat, black legs, and white socks with a white streak on her headNSP Athena (N-CSA #5275-08)

Athena is a gorgeous black TGH ewe with a glowing blue tinted fleece and show stopper black and white markings that really make her stand out in the field. While she is one of the shy sheep, she is an incredible mother and is usually second in the flock to alert the rest of approaching stranger danger. Athena throws some exceptionally large lambs, and can be identified not only by her TGH markings but also by her gracefully arched horns.

Athena's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Sire's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Sire's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #2218-98)

Athena's Dam: Meredith Howell's NSP Jennifer; Dam's Sire: Susuan Faria's Acey Ducey; Dam's Dam: Susan Faria's Phyllis

PDF Champagne, an adorable brown badger face ewe with cream fleece that has a distinctive delicate wiggle to it.PDF Champagne (N-CSA #B5272-08)

Champagne has an unmistakable cream fleece with heather grey undertones, and she has been the dam to many lambs with exceptional fleeces. Two of her daughters, Marabella and Zephyr, are also in our flock, and they both have very lustrous, soft fleeces with a thick undercoat. Champagne also has a winning personality, and is often among the first ewes to greet me in the morning with her cheerful baaing. Champagne is available for reservation, as her genes are very well represented in our flock. I do not recommend Champagne for breeding with a 4 horned ram, as she throws split eyelid lambs when mixed with a 4 horn. This ewe has been sold

Champagne's Sire: MKCR Cazadero (N-CSA #A4536-05); Sire's Sire: CVS Juan (N-CSA #4449-05); Sire's Dam: MKCR Olive Oil (N-CSA #2910-01)

Champagne's Dam: PDF Chink (N-CSA #B4225-04); Dam's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03); Dam's Dam: PDF Dusky (N-CSA #B1814-96)

BHF Marabella, a gorgeous brown and fawn ewe BHF Marabella

Marabella is Champagne's daughter, and she's a lovely ewe. Her fleece is super straight, very long, and has a perfect double coat. It washes out to a glowing creamy color, and spinning it is just dreamy. She is a gray and tan ewe, and although in some light she looks brownish, you can really tell the difference between her and a true brown ewe when you see them stand side by side. She will be submitted for registration in August 2012.

Marabella's Sire: MTF Sebastian; Sire's Sire: EA Ollie (N-CSA #B4053-04); Sire's Dam: baw Dixie (N-CSA #B2878-01)

Marabella's Dam: PDF Champagne (N-CSA #B5272-08); Dam's Sire: MKCR Cazadero (N-CSA #A4536-05); Dam's Dam: PDF Chink (N-CSA #B4225-04)

BHF Zephyr, a lovely brown badgerface ewe with heather gray and cream fleece.BHF Zephyr (N-CSA# A6820-13)

Zephyr is a playful brown badgerface ewe, and she is usually the first to investigate something new in the fields. She can often be seen nose to nose with Syro, the greenhouse cat, or stamping her feet at the chickens or ducks. Her fleece is just heavenly, with a heather gray undertone and cream outer coat. She will be submitted for registration in August 2012.

Zephyr's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05); Sire's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03); Sire's Dam: PDF Kaia (N-CSA #A2854-01)

Zephyr's Dam: PDF Champagne (N-CSA #B5272-08); Dam's Sire: MKCR Cazadero (N-CSA #A4536-05); Dam's Dam: PDF Chink (N-CSA #B4225-04)

BHF Zalinga, a gorgeous black ewe with just the faintest oxidizing to her hindquartersBHF Zalinga (N-CSA# A6820-13)

Zalinga is the last of our Bleating Heart Farms ewes, and boy is she a head turning black! At two years old, she still has an ultra black fleece that has been immensely popular. While her personality isn't quite as outgoing as Zephyr or Marabella, she's still a very friendly ewe. I'm always amazed at how black can glow, but when you see Zalinga in the direct sun, she's downright luminescent. She will be submitted for registration in August 2012.

Zalinga's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05); Sire's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03); Sire's Dam: PDF Kaia (N-CSA #A2854-01)

Zalinga's Dam: NSP Skunky (N-CSA #5276-08); Dam's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Dam's Dam: Meredith's Allison

Our Navajo-Churro Rams

PDF Bryce, a huge 4 horn fused white ram PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05)

Bryce was a fantastic old ram, with perfectly fused 4 horns spiraling out. While he was much larger than our other rams, he had the gentlest disposition. He was always a majestic sight out in the ram pen, and never broke down fences or opened gates. His horns had an incredible spread on them, and he sired some very good sized lambs. Bryce impressed me so much that I've kept a very high percentage of his ewe lambs in our flock, so you can expect to see his name on pedigrees for many years.

Bryce's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03); Sire's Sire: PDF One Eye (N-CSA #C2861-01); Sire's Dam: Josh Elk Dancer (N-CSA #1812-96)

Bryce's Dam: PDF Kaia (N-CSA #A2854-01); Dam's Sire: CMW Nizoni (N-CSA #B2242-98); Dam's Dam: PDF Kaibab (N-CSA #A1815-96)

MTF Sebastian, an English Blue RamMTF Sebastian

Sebastian was a very vigorous ram, but his horns (two horns, not 4 fused) were tighter than I prefer to see, and he has been culled from the flock. While he did sire some beautiful ewes with very desirable fleeces, we're going to be scrutinizing his ram lambs very carefully for signs of unacceptably tight horns. Sebastian has successfully sired some incredible looking ram lambs in the past, and while I don't expect that this year will be any different, I always err on the side of caution with the rams that are allowed to leave Dot Ranch.

Sebastian's Sire: EA Ollie (N-CSA #B4053-04); Sire's Sire: RHR Taco (N-CSA #A2996-02); Sire's Dam: MTF Mulberry (N-CSA #A3558-03)

Sebastian's Dam:baw Dixie (N-CSA #B2878-01); Dam's Sire: MA Milliman (N-CSA #A2645-00); Dam's Dam: baw Polly