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2012 Navajo-Churro Breeding Ewes

MTF Cocoa, a fading red ewe MTF Cocoa (N-CSA #C6798-13)

Cocoa is a lovely, but skittish brown ewe. She is very alert, and her wariness is a natural protection against the predators that roam the mountains around us, but she isn't the easiest ewe to handle. Luckily, her lambs seem to have a much better temper than her, and as she isn't aggressive, I've never been displeased. She is our oldest ewe, and will soon be retired from lambing so that she can enjoy her golden years producing nothing more than her gorgeous, lustrous red hinted fleece. While I'm not really sure why, apparently her registration papers were never filed, and so she's slipped through the cracks for many years and at least two previous owners. She will be submitted for registration in August 2012.

Cocoa's Sire: SB George (N-CSA #C4605-05); Sire's Sire: baw Rafael (N-CSA #B3226-02);Sire's Dam: baw Nadia (N-CSA #C3374-03)

Cocoa's Dam: MTF Red Spruce (N-CSA #B4000); Dam's Sire: PDF Whitehorse (N-CSA #C3005-02); Dam's Dam: RHR Penelope (N-CSA #A2369-99)

NSP Noir, a black ewe NSP Noir (N-CSA #5274-08)

Noir is my very favorite barnyard character. This zany black ewe has taken it upon herself to be the farm fashion police. If she sees underwear poking above blue jeans, she'll come over and snap them with her front teeth. The first time she did it, I thought somebody was pranking me, but since then, I've come to treasure Noir's humorous antics and her rare kisses. Noir isn't always the first one to come up for treats, but she's always the most insistent about giving sheep kisses after receiving her favorite sheep treat of them all: dried apple slices.

Noir's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Sire's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Sire's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #2218-98)

Noir's Dam: Susan Faria's Kari; Dam's Sire: NSP Ram; Dam's Dam: Browni Moorit

October 2012 Update
This ewe has been placed in a breeding group with Mel Gibson.

NSP Athena, a beautiful black ewe with blue coat, black legs, and white socks with a white streak on her headNSP Athena (N-CSA #5275-08)

Athena is a gorgeous black TGH ewe with a glowing blue tinted fleece and show stopper black and white markings that really make her stand out in the field. While she is one of the shy sheep, she is an incredible mother and is usually second in the flock to alert the rest of approaching stranger danger. Athena throws some exceptionally large lambs, and can be identified not only by her TGH markings but also by her gracefully arched horns.

Athena's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Sire's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Sire's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #2218-98)

Athena's Dam: Meredith Howell's NSP Jennifer; Dam's Sire: Susuan Faria's Acey Ducey; Dam's Dam: Susan Faria's Phyllis

BHF Marabella, a gorgeous brown and fawn ewe BHF Marabella

Marabella is Champagne's daughter, and she's a lovely ewe. Her fleece is super straight, very long, and has a perfect double coat. It washes out to a glowing creamy color, and spinning it is just dreamy. She is a gray and tan ewe, and although in some light she looks brownish, you can really tell the difference between her and a true brown ewe when you see them stand side by side. She will be submitted for registration in August 2012.

Marabella's Sire: MTF Sebastian; Sire's Sire: EA Ollie (N-CSA #B4053-04); Sire's Dam: baw Dixie (N-CSA #B2878-01)

Marabella's Dam: PDF Champagne (N-CSA #B5272-08); Dam's Sire: MKCR Cazadero (N-CSA #A4536-05); Dam's Dam: PDF Chink (N-CSA #B4225-04)

BHF Zephyr, a lovely brown badgerface ewe with heather gray and cream fleece.BHF Zephyr (N-CSA #C6958-12)

Zephyr is a playful brown badgerface ewe, and she is usually the first to investigate something new in the fields. She can often be seen nose to nose with Syro, the greenhouse cat, or stamping her feet at the chickens or ducks. Her fleece is just heavenly, with a heather gray undertone and cream outer coat. Zephyr has produced some exceptional lambs, and they all have her playful personality.

Zephyr's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05); Sire's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03); Sire's Dam: PDF Kaia (N-CSA #A2854-01)

Zephyr's Dam: PDF Champagne (N-CSA #B5272-08); Dam's Sire: MKCR Cazadero (N-CSA #A4536-05); Dam's Dam: PDF Chink (N-CSA #B4225-04)

BHF Zalinga, a gorgeous black ewe with just the faintest oxidizing to her hindquartersBHF Zalinga

Zalinga is the last of our Bleating Heart Farms ewes, and boy is she a head turning black! At two years old, she still has an ultra black fleece that has been immensely popular. While her personality isn't quite as outgoing as Zephyr or Marabella, she's still a very friendly ewe. I'm always amazed at how black can glow, but when you see Zalinga in the direct sun, she's downright luminescent. She will be submitted for registration in August 2012.

Zalinga's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05); Sire's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03); Sire's Dam: PDF Kaia (N-CSA #A2854-01)

Zalinga's Dam: NSP Skunky (N-CSA #5276-08); Dam's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Dam's Dam: Meredith's Allison

ALS Belle, a gorgeous pure white ewe with clean face,  belly, and legs.ALS Belle (N-CSA #A6545-12)

Belle is a beautiful white ewe, one of the sheep I purchased from Montana this winter. She's easy to spot in the field, because her fleece is so lustrous she appears to glow, and she's easy to hear in the flock, as she has a very cute bleat. However, cute as she is, Belle is a real firecracker! This sweet faced ewe is capable of leaps that would make Michael Jordan proud. While Belle has calmed down since joining Dot Ranch, she still is a bit harder to handle than my older ewes. Hopefully she'll settle down a bit more after having her first lamb!

Belle's Sire: baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146); Sire's Sire: BSM Sandoval (N-CSA #B3460-03); Sire's Dam: baw Baby P (N-CSA #B4057)

Belle's Dam: ALG Oprah (N-CSA #5763-09); Dam's Sire: Unknown; Dam's Dam: AGR 67 (N-CSA #5180-07)

ALS Buffalo, a very fine brown ewe with two well defined hornsALS Buffalo (N-CSA #B6546-12)

Buffalo is one of the two bred ewes I brought back from Montana. She was a fantastic mother, and threw a coveted English Blue TGH ewe lamb for us. Her fleece has grown in great profusion, and it appears to be very high quality with that perfect sickle shape. This girl will be sheared for the first time here in August, and I have every expectation that she'll join the ranks of my top wool producers. She's also very friendly, and will readily accept treats even from calm strangers, a trait which makes her very popular with farm visitors. Buffalo will be bred this fall, and I look forward to many more years of her fabulous lambs.

Buffalo's Sire:baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146); Sire's Sire: BSM Sandoval (N-CSA #B3460-03); Sire's Dam: baw Baby P (N-CSA #B4057)

Buffalo's Dam: RNJ Goody (N-CSA #A5353-08); Dam's Sire: CMW Applejack (N=CSA #A4703-06); Dam's Dam: MAYW Daffodil (N-CSA #A4497-05)

ALS Honey Badger a black ewe with TGH white hat and two short, thick hornsALS Honey Badger (N-CSA #B6546-12)

Honey Badger is a black horned ewe with white TGH markings on her head. This ewe actually gave birth to her first lamb in my trailer, on the way back home from Montana! Honey Badger was supposed to go to a different farm, but I have to admit, after our shared travel experience, I've gotten a bit attached, and so Honey Badger will be staying at Dot Ranch. Honey Badger is much sweeter than the animal she's named for, and she has no problem sticking her nose in my pockets in search of treats. She was submitted for registration in August 2012.

Honey Badger's Sire: baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146); Sire's Sire: BSM Sandoval (N-CSA #B3460-03); Sire's Dam: baw Baby P (N-CSA #B4057)

Honey Badger's Dam: HwS Magnolia (N-CSA #A5385-08); Dam's Sire: CNF Prince (N-CSA #4790-05); Dam's Dam: CNF Poppy (N-CSA #5089-07)

CNF Mariah Carey, a beautiful white ewe with strong yellow hornsCNF Mariah Carey (N-CSA #5624-09)

Mariah Carey here, bred by Sam Cunningham of Cunnington Farms is one spectacular ewe. I picked her up, along with her beautiful ewe lambs, this summer during my cross country trip from Oregon to Arizona. Mariah Carey is a very friendly ewe, and her fleece is just perfect in every aspect. She is a glowing white, and I look forward to playing with vegetable dyeing techniques after she's been sheared. She has strong horns, and her ewe lambs have come out both polled and horned. I greatly look forward to many more years of Mariah Carey's lambs.

Mariah Carey's Sire: ALG Gandalf II Sire's Sire: ALG White 4 Horn

Mariah Carey's Dam: CNF Marie Osmund (N-CSA #B3161-02) Dam's Sire: Dutch (N-CSA #A2146-98) Dam's Dam: CMW Shitake (N-CSA #A2274-98)

RNJ Goblin, a impressive black ewe with slate fleece and massive black goblin hornsRNJ Goblin (N-CSA #B5153-07)

Goblin here lives up to her name, in looks at least! She's actually a very sweet ewe, and her fleece is the most incredible slate color at this stage. Like many black sheep, her fleece is slowly going through a color changing process, and there's really no telling where it'll wind up at the end. She also joined Dot Ranch during my summer trip, when I purchased her, along with Mariah Carey, from Cunnington Farms. Goblin was bred by Bob and Jan Naegle of Sage Springs Ranch out of Colorado, and she is quite the showy addition to the Dot Ranch flock.

Goblin's Sire: CMW Applejack (N-CSA #A4703-06) Sire's Sire: CF Lewisky (N-CSA #B3112-02) Sire's Dam: AM Manzanita (N-CSA #3589-03)

Goblin's Dam:RNJ Ebony (N-CSA #4564-05) Dam's Sire: RNJ Monsoon (N-CSA #3402-03) Dam's Dam: NSP Joy

Godiva, a beautiful dark brown ewe after shearing Godiva (N-CSA #6797-13)

Godiva here is one of the Idaho flock that I purchased this summer. She'd never been sheared in her life when she first came to us, and she looked a bit like a wildebeast that had fallen into a tar pit and then "washed" off in a muddy slough. Despite the rough state of her wool, we knew there was something gorgeous beneath all that mess. Godiva started out fairly shy, but she's starting to get used to company, and will come take treats if nobody looks at her. She has produced a gorgeous red ram lamb with perfect fleece, and I look forward to her future in the Dot Ranch flock. Godiva will be submitted for registration in January, 2013.

Godiva's Sire:Ben Slatter's Rambo Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Godiva's Dam:Ben Slatter's Sumatra (N-CSA #6796-13) Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

BS Espresso, a young black ewe Espresso (N-CSA #6821-13)

Espresso is another of the Idaho flock that was purchased in June 2012. She is a very curious young ewe, and she too produced a lovely red ram lamb. Espresso's fleece was very nice, with a good sickle shape and decent texture. Her super black will fade with age, and I'm looking forward to seeing which direction it will evolve in. Espresso is usually found about ten feet behind her possible dam Latte, and while she is shy, she is also very sweet. Espresso will be submitted for registration in January, 2013.

Espresso's Sire: Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Espresso's Dam: Latte Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Latte, a beautiful black ewe with TGH markings on her headLatte

Latte here is the dam of Espresso, and the second most senior of the Idaho flock. Latte is one of the friendliest sheep here, and she often comes up to give sheep kisses to me while I'm working in the pastures. She is a very dominant but very friendly ewe, and she is often the first in the flock to inspect a new arrival. I wish I knew more about the Idaho flock, but unfortunately, all info on them was lost. They belonged to a school teacher in Idaho, who sold them to a small farmer. The flock sire was killed by dogs, and the farmer decided to trade the flock for a steer, which was how they came to join me. If anybody has any info on a Idaho school teacher who used to raise Navajo-Churro Sheep, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it. Latte will be submitted for registration in January, 2013.

Latte's Sire: Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Latte's Dam: Unknown Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Sumatra, a black ewe with TGH markings on her head and noseSumatra(N-CSA #6796-13)

Sumatra here is the oldest of the Idaho flock. She is a regal ewe, and while I wouldn't call her shy, I also wouldn't say she's real comfortable here yet. Sumatra and Latte both had densely matted fleece when they arrived, so it'll be interesting to see how it grows back out over the next few months here. If Godiva is indeed her lamb, and judging by the red ram lamb that Sumatra had last year, I expect that Sumatra's fleece will be absolutely wonderful. Sumatra will be submitted for registration in January, 2013.

Sumatra's Sire:Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Sumatra's Dam: Unknown Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

RNJ Grace, a beautiful crean churra marked eweSSC Grace (N-CSA #A6800-13)

Grace here is another Sage Springs bred ewe. The Naegles had a trailer full of some of the prettiest Churra marked sheep I've ever seen, and I was very happy to be able to purchase Grace from them at Sheep Is Life 2012. Grace was a bit standoffish at first, but now she's starting to be curious and even lets me get close enough, occasionally, to take good photos. She had recently been sheared when I purchased her, so I don't really know what her full fleece looks like, but what's growing out now sure looks promising! Grace will be submitted for registration in January, 2013.

Grace's Sire: SDA Crosby (N-CSA #A5918-10) Sire's Sire: SDA Shadow (N-CSA #4725-06) Sire's Dam: SDA Nutmeg (N-CSA #A5053-07)

Grace's Dam: ALG Fancy (N-CSA #4811-06 Dam's Sire: SUS 4 White Dam's Dam: W34

2012 Navajo-Churro Breeding Rams

Mel Gibson a beautiful sand ramMel Gibson (N-CSA #4771-06)

Mel Gibson is a spectacular ram, bred by Darlene Two Trees. He placed Reserve Grand Champion at Sheep is Life in 2007, and his fleece placed blue ribbon at Sheep is Life in 2010 and 2012. He's a been there, done that ram, and has cycled through some of the nation's top Navajo-Churro breeders. I am very happy to say that Mel Gibson has come here to Dot Ranch to spend his final days passing on his award winning genetics to our future lambs. This guy is a grand old ram, and don't let that missing horn fool you, he's still king of the hill in the ram flock.

Mel Gibson's Sire: UV Griffindor Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Mel Gibson's Dam: Yak (N-CSA #3157-02) Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

ALS Mitchell, a white badger ram with 4 horns, two fused on the right and two unfused on the left.ALS Mitchell (N-CSA #6547-12)

Mitchell is an incredible young ram. He was bred by Josh Pecukonis of All Smiles Sheep and Wool. Mitchell has four horns, two fused on the right, and two unfused on the left. I wasn't really aiming for another 4 horn, but Mitchell was so big and beautiful that I couldn't resist. His lamb fleece won a blue ribbon in the Montana State Fair, and his adult fleece is absolutely beautiful. He's an easy to handle ram, which is a good thing because that horn of his is a real regular spear! Despite his fearsome appearance, Mitchell is a fairly gentle ram, and he's one of the only rams that comes when his name is called.

Mitchell's Sire: DAM Mitch (N-CSA #4390-05); Sire's Sire: DAM Gunther (N-CSA #1748-06); Sire's Dam: DAM Molly

Mitchell's Dam: ALS Panda; Dam's Sire: baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146); Dam's Dam: ALS Dusty Miller (N-CSA #A5989-08)

baw Master Chief Nestor, a brown badger face ram with 4 horns fused into twobaw Nestor (N-CSA #C6548-12)

This is a gorgeous 4 horn fused brown badger face ram, bred by bide a wee Farm. Nestor's horns are perfectly fused, widely spaced, and super strong. His fleece is very soft for a ram, and it grows faster even than some of our ewes' fleeces! He is a very shy guy, which makes him popular with the humans. Anybody who has ever been crowded for hay by a ram with massive horns knows the value of a shy ram, and I can well attest, I'd rather deal with a skittish big boy than one that's friendly to the point of aggression. Nestor will be bred for the first time this fall.

Nestor's Sire: baw Salazar (N-CSA #B4206); Sire's Sire: baw Chakotay (N-CSA #B3386-03); Sire's Dam: RHR Pralines & Cream (N-CSA #A1964-97)

Nestor's Dam: baw Ailsa (N-CSA #C4204); Dam's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Dam's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #B2218-98)

VRI Jango, a magnificent black TGH two horned ramVRI Jango (N-CSA #A6806-13)

Jango here was bred by Asheley of Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds, a small farm nestled into the semi rural suburbs of Salt Lake City. Asheley has some gorgeous sheep, and I was very happy to bring home both a ewe lamb and this magnificent fellow. Jango is a fairly mellow ram, and never seems to pick on the juveniles like Mel Gibson does. He is growing out a supremely black fleece, and I'm very excited to see what sort of lambs he'll produce. His sire, SW Fuego, was a gorgeous red ram, and I have every faith that Jango will throw a good number of brown lambs for us. Jango will be submitted for registration in December, 2012.

Jango's Sire: SW Fuego (N-CSA #5923-10) Sire's Sire: SW Andrew Sire's Dam: SW Quiet

Jango's Dam:HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09) Dam's Sire: CNF Prince (N-CSA #4790-06) Dam's Dam: Luna (N-CSA #4788-06)

BS Moonstruck, a gorgeous brown ram yearlingMoonstruck

Moonstruck is a gorgeous brown two horned lamb, and he is one of the Idaho bonus lambs I picked up in summer of 2012. Moonstruck has a wider spread on his horns than his sire did, and I forsee that this big guy is going to do nothing but improve with age. His fleece is very long, beautiful, and nearly kemp free. Born on Thanksgiving day of 2011, he's maturing rapidly into a very handsome guy, and will be submitted for registration in early spring 2013.>

Moonstruck's Sire: Ben Slatter's Rambo (Unregistered) Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Moonstruck's Dam: Sumatra (Registration Pending) Dam's Dam: Unknown Dam's Sire: Unknown

Rising Stars: The Lambs of 2012

Okay, so they're not all lambs. This section is for the non breeding ewes and lambs of Dot Ranch. 2012 was a big purchasing year, so there's a lot of new stock that won't be ready to breed until 2013 and 2014 here.

Newly Arrived Ewes

ROB Rusty and her lambs Cinder and SprocketROB Rusty (N-CSA #5670-09)

Rusty and her delightful twin ewe lambs came to join us from the wind swept land of Arizona. Rusty was bred by Robbin Robbinson of Robbin's Sheep Camp, formerly of Grand Falls Sheep Farm. Rusty has a bit of a funny look about her face with her unique spots, but believe me, her fleece is no joke. She has a very outgoing personality, and she has no qualms about sticking her hand into a bucket carried by strangers if it means treats. Rusty is a very good mother, and I look forward to many more years of her lambs joining the flock here.

Rusty's Sire: ROB Abraham (N-CSA #A5140-07) Sire's Sire: ROB Crazy Eddie (N-CSA #A4679-06) Sire's Dam: ROB Sister Isabella (N-CSA #4545-05)

Rusty's Dam: ROB Dziniba (N-CSA #B4099) Dam's Sire: Shash Yazai (N-CSA #A3113-02) Dam's Dam: ROB Calypso (N-CSA #B2686-00)

ROB Cinder and Sprocket, two twin ewe lambsROB Sprocket and ROB Cinder

Sprocket and Cinder are Rusty's twin lambs. Sprocket is the lovely white churra marked ewe with the golden horns. Cinder is the aptly named white lamb with the smouldering red spots on her legs and face. These two are the smallest lambs on the ranch, and they were probably affected the most out of all the sheep that were imported this year. Luckily, they've both pulled through their shipping sickness, and are now gaining weight and spunk like good lambs should.

Sprocket and Cinder's Sire:Morty (I'm not sure if he'll be registered, but I have photos available of this magnificent Navajo bred ram) Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Sprocket and Cinder's Dam: ROB Rusty (N-CSA #5670-09) Dam's Sire: ROB Abraham (N-CSA #A5140-07) Dam's Dam: ROB Dziniba (N-CSA #B4099)

ROB Buttbiter, a beautiful black jaspered eweROB Buttbiter (N-CSA #A5112-07)

Buttbiter is yet another of Robbin Robbinson's wonderful ewes. This black jaspered ewe comes by her name quite honestly, for apparently while being sheared, she reached up and nipped her shearer right in the butt! Buttbiter is a very forward ewe, and has no problem sticking her nose in your pockets for treats, matter of fact, I've discovered that she'll flat out bite a hole in my pocket to get at those treats. Despite her somewhat snippy nippy behavior, she is quite friendly and inquisitive, and she's wormed her way right into my heart as one of my favorite ewes.

Buttbiter's Sire:NSP Dinnebito (N-CSA #3528-03) Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Buttbiter's Dam: ROB Yas (N-CSA #B3457-03) Dam's Sire: Shash Yazai (N-CSA #A3113-02) Dam's Dam: Shima (N-CSA #A3112-02)

ROB Dove and Lark, a white and brown pair of ewe twinsROB Dove and ROB Lark

Dove and Lark are a beautiful pair of ewe twins. Lark, the brown ewe, has a star shaped white TGH mark on her forehead, and Dove, the white ewe, has just a hint of churra lipstick and eyeliner to her face. They both have very nice lambs fleece, and while they are smaller than the Dot Ranch lambs, they're a couple of butterballs in comparison to ROB Cinder and ROB Sprocket. Lark is as shy as the melodious bird that is her namesake, and Dove tends to be more outgoing, but she is still a bit more skittish than most of the other lambs here.

Dove and Lark's Sire: Mel Gibson (N-CSA #4771-06) Sire's Sire: Griffindor Sire's Dam: Yak (N-CSA #3157-02)

Dove and Lark's Dam: ROB Buttbiter (N-CSA #A5112-07) Dam's Sire: NSP Dinnebito (N-CSA #3528-03) Dam's Dam: ROB Yas (N-CSA #B3457-03)

CNF Margo, an incredible russet marked ewe lambCNF Margo

Margo here is just the most eye catching ewe lamb. When I first spotted her in Sam Cunningham's flock at Cunnington Farms, I just knew I had to convince Sam to sell her to me. Luckily, Sam agreed to do so, and spared me the embarassment of having to get on my knees and beg. Margo was quite skittish when she first arrived, but she's finally thawing and will now come up to casually whuffle my hair with her breath. While she isn't a pocket ewe like some of the sheep, she is an easy handler, and I look forward to seeing the ewe she blossoms into. Her fleece is exceptionally soft and lofty, and I'll be quite excited to see what her spring shearing produces. She is also an example of how you never really know what you'll end up with when you breed Navajo-Churros. Her sire is a four horned black and tan ram with the most amazing horns, his top two horns actually cross like an X! Her dam is a gorgeous black ewe with two horns, and yet Margo here is white with russet and ash markings, paired with shell colored horns. Just goes to show that the genetic diversity within this breed is truly astounding!

Margo's Sire: EAGL Reeses Sire's Sire: CNF Nilla (N-CSA #5395-08) Sire's Dam: MTF Amber II (N-CSA #A5394-08)

Margo's Dam: RNJ Goblin (N-CSA #B5153-07) Dam's Sire: CMW Applejack (N-CSA #A4703-06) Dam's Dam: RNJ Ebony (N-CSA #4564-05)

CNF Tammy Wynette, a most spectacular midnight black ewe lamb with TGH markingsCNF Taylor Swift, an utterly beautiful black and tan ewe lamb

CNF Tammy Wynette and CNF Taylor Swift

Tammy Wynette and Taylor Swift are a beautiful pair of ewe twins, bred by Sam Cunningham of Cunnington Farms. Both of these lambs have luxurious locks of fleece, although they do have different textures between them. Tammy Wynette is a beautiful black ewe with TGH white face and tail markings, as well as the most adorable little black and white tuxedo socks on her hind legs. Her fleece has a long, silky drape, and while it isn't lofty, it is a true dream to spin. Taylor Swift has very lofty fleece, and like her sire EAGL Reeses, she is a true black and tan without badger markings. These two lambs caught my eye right away at Sam's place, and I'm just thrilled to have them in the Dot Ranch flock.

Tammy & Taylor's Sire: EAGL Reeses Sire's Sire: CNF Nilla (N-CSA #5395-08) Sire's Dam: MTF Amber II (N-CSA #A5394-08)

Tammy & Taylor's Dam: CNF Mariah Carey (N-CSA #5624-09) Dam's Sire: ALG Gandalf II Dam's Dam: CNF Marie Osmund (N-CSA #B3161-02)

VRI Elora, a beautiful white churra marked horned ewe lambVRI Elora

Elora here is another of Asheley's Vrijheid stunners. This beautiful ewe lamb has some of the most plentiful fleece I've ever seen, and she glows out on the field every bit as much as Belle does. Elora has gorgeous churra markings, and her sire was one of the prettiest churra marked rams I've had the pleasure to see. This girl is very shy, but her second growth of fleece is coming in with great promise, and I have no doubt that she'll be ready to register in August 2013. She also has those lovely shell colored horns that I'm so very fond of, and I look forward to seeing what sort of ewe she turns into.

Elora's Sire: EAGL Ralph Lauren (N-CSA #6479-12) Sire's Sire: CNF Legolas Sire's Dam: SDA Sofie

Elora's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09) Dam's Sire: CNF Prince (N-CSA #4790-05) Dam's Dam: Luna (N-CSA #4788-06)