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2015 Navajo-Churro Breeding Groups

DR Lt. Haverson, a magnificent blue ram

DoT Lt. Haverson

Lt. Haverson is hands down, our favorite ram. He has a very nice, powerful and heavy but widely spread set of horns, and his face is very clean. He gets a bit of seasonal fuzz in the winter, but it all sheds clean in the summer, and his fleece quality is out of this world stellar. This guy is a rather unusual color, called NSP Blue (or Navajo Sheep Project Blue). His inner coat is dark, but his outer coat is strongly silvered, a reversal of the coat usually found on English Blues. He's a larger ram, but not the biggest in our flock, and he is very respectful of humans and fences. Interestingly enough, Lt. Haverson often acts as much like a dog as a sheep, and he gets very protective of Mickey when strangers are visiting the ranch. While mapping out where the underground power lines and phone lines were, Lt. Haverson walked along between Mickey and the power company employee, never offering any aggression, just looming with his massive horns like an overly protective guard dog. His lambs all tend towards heavier birth weights and faster growth rates, which is a great trait to see.

Lt. Haverson's Sire: MTF Sebastian; Sire's Sire: EA Ollie (N-CSA #B4053-04); Sire's Dam: baw Dixie (N-CSA #B2878-01)

Lt. Haverson's Dam: BHF Zalinga (N-CSA #A6820-13); Dam's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05); Dam's Dam: NSP Skunky (N-CSA #5276-08)

BS Godiva, a gorgeous brown eweGodiva (N-CSA #6797-13)

Godiva sure has turned out to be a stellar ewe! Out of the undocumented Navajo-Churro flock that Mickey traded a steer for out in Idaho, Godiva proves that pedigrees don't make the sheep. A good sized girl, with exceptionally clean features and legs for a brown ewe, she has incredible fleece and a solid conformation. Most brown ewes tend to have fuzzy faces and legs, yet even in the dead of winter, Godiva maintains her svelte look. An excellent mother, we can't wait to see what Godiva produces when paired with Lt. Haverson.

Godiva's Sire: Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Godiva's Dam: Sumatra (N-CSA #6796-13) Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Sumatra, a black Navajo-Churro eweSumatra (N-CSA #6796-13)

Sumatra is a beautiful ewe, tall and strong. She's a black ewe, but her fleece has faded to a gorgeous blue-gray. Many of her lambs develop the same color, although a few of her lambs are genuine non fading blacks. Sumatra is scurred, but her ram lambs all have normal horns, and she's given both polled and horned ewe lambs. She has an exceptionally clean face and legs, and her belly is almost always clean, even in bad weather. She's out of the Idaho flock, and we really look forward to seeing what she produces when bred to Lt. Haverson.

Sumatra's Sire: Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Sumatra's Dam: Unknown Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

VRI Elora, a beautiful white ewe VRI Elora Dunham (N-CSA #6799-13)

Elora has turned out to be one fine looking ewe. Our first Navajo-Churro flock was all colored, and we had a hard time finding white Churros locally at that time. We purchased Elora from Utah breeder Asheley Winters of Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds. Asheley no longer breeds sheep, but her legacy continues. Elora stood out even as a lamb, and we've never regretted her purchase. Her wool is very lustrous and well defined, with a soft hand. Last year we bred her to Lt. Haverson and got a gorgeous ewe lamb, so our fingers are crossed for a second one this year!

Elora's Sire: EAGL Ralph Lauren (N-CSA #6479-12) Sire's Sire: CNF Legolas Sire's Dam: SDA Sofie

Elora's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09) Dam's Sire: CNF Prince (N-CSA #4790-05) Dam's Dam: Luna (N-CSA #4788-06)

ALS Mist a brown eweALS Mist (N-CSA #B6802-13)

Mist is one of our most outgoing and friendly ewes, but she's also a very placid, Zen sort of sheep. She is a beautiful brown without a trace of gray, and her fleece is absolutely lovely. She has a very well proportioned inner coat with lots of luster and a very fine character, and her outer coat is equally lustrous with a wonderful to spin silky hand. She is a nice, low grease ewe, and her fleece readily washes with cold water and a light detergent. The roving from this ewe is simply divine, and her wool takes orange and red dyes very nicely, giving them a deep luster and complexity that white wool doesn't quite match. This will be the first year Mist has been bred, and I really look forward to seeing what she produces. She's one of our larger ewes, and she's quite distinctive. While she does get a touch of seasonal wooliness to her hind legs, I suspect this is a trait she'll outgrow with more time, as her face and front legs are always nice and super clean.

Mist's Sire: SDA Mahogany (N-CSA #A5037-07); Sire's Sire: CNF Moab Thackeray (N-CSA #B4405-05); Sire's Dam: SDA Anna Nichole (N-CSA #4399-05)

Mist's Dam: ALS Rose (N-CSA #B5627-09); Dam's Sire: baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146); Dam's Dam: ALS Lavender (N-CSA #A5391-08)

MNF Antelope, a deep brown eweMNF Antelope (N-CSA #A6514-12)

Antelope here is one of Kim Kerley's Mountain Niche Farm ewes. I'm a total sucker for the heavy open fleece and super long outer coat on this ewe, and her horns captured my eye immediately. She is a Rio Grande ewe, and while she looks black at first glance, in direct light you can see the play of deepest bistre and darkest chocolate along her face, ears, and legs. She is a very shy ewe, with good flocking instincts and an attentive attitude. Even more so than her dam CMW Godiva, she has very clean legs, belly, and face, and I look forward to seeing what sort of lamb she'll produce with DR Lt. Haverson this year.

MNF Antelope's Sire: MB Roizen (N-CSA #5959-10); Sire's Sire: Unknown; Sire's Dam: Unknown

MNF Antelope's Dam: CMW Godiva (N-CSA #A4258); Dam's Sire: CF Lewisky (B3112-02); Dam's Dam: MMC Giardeli (N-CSA #3587-03)

Mel Gibson, a champion Navajo-Churro ram

Mel Gibson (N-CSA #4771-06)

Mel Gibson is a spectacular ram, bred by Darlene Two Trees. He placed Reserve Grand Champion at Sheep is Life in 2007, and his fleece placed blue ribbon at Sheep is Life in 2010 and 2012. He's a been there, done that ram, and has cycled through some of the nation's top Navajo-Churro breeders. I am very happy to say that Mel Gibson has come here to Dot Ranch to spend his final days passing on his award winning genetics to our future lambs. This guy is a grand old ram, and don't let that missing horn fool you, he's still king of the hill in the ram flock.

Mel Gibson's Sire: UV Griffindor Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Mel Gibson's Dam: Yak (N-CSA #3157-02) Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

BHF Marabella, a gray and tan eweBHF Marabella

Marabella is a pretty unusual color pattern, a grey and tan, or grey reverse badger. Her fleece has a very heavy inner coat, which is great for spinning, but awkward in Oregon's wet weather. Every felter knows that there's nothing like water, temperature changes, and brisk rubbing to make a great felt, and Marabella, well, she's figured it out as well with her penchant for rubbing on trees, trailers, and fence posts. We're hoping that by breeding her to a ram with a heavier outer fleece, we'll get some lambs that still enjoy her stellar inner coat, but with a good bit more outer coat to protect it from the weather.

Marabella's Sire: MTF Sebastian Sire's Sire: EA Ollie (N-CSA #B4053-04) Sire's Dam: baw Dixie (N-CSA #B2878-01)

Marabella's Dam: PDF Champagne (N-CSA #B5272-08) Dam's Sire: MKCR Cazadero (N-CSA #A4536-05) Dam's Dam: PDF Chink (N-CSA #B4225-04)

FCC Spreckles FCC Spreckles

Spreckles is a beautiful shell ewe with a frosted muzzle and eyes, light Churra eyeliner, and light gray brockle on her nose and legs. She is a great example of a Navajo-Churro with the primitive, classic sloped back, and with her ultra clean belly, legs, and face, she matches the breed standard perfectly. Her fleece doesn't let up, with its well definied outer and inner coat that is completely free of crimp, light on kemp, and high luster. She's another tall, rangy ewe, and she has quite a bit of attitude. Her fleece is a real pleasure to spin, and takes vegetal dyes without hesitation.

FCC Spreckle's Sire: Unknown

FCC Spreckle's Dam: Unknown

Black Badger EweFCC Koki's Girl (N-CSA #6793-13)

This black badgerface ewe has an incredibly high luster to her fleece, with a thick lofty undercoat and a long silky hand to the outer coat. She's also blessed with just the sweetest disposition. She seems to produce some amazing lambs, all of whom have inherited her fantastic fleece and calm, easy keeper attitude. This ewe is finally starting to show her age, which is considerate, and will be retired from breeding after this year. We're hoping for twins, since she has a history of producing them, and we really would like to keep another replacement ewe lamb from her. While badger's aren't my favorite color pattern, they're still popular with buyers who want to blend wool for different colors, and with people who like the fancy patterns.

Koki's Girl's Sire: Unknown

Koki's Girl's Dam: baw Koki Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

FCC Cookies n Cream, a white Navajo-Churro eweFCC Cookies n Cream

Cookies n Cream used to be on our sale list, but we decided to give her a shot and see what her lambs turn out like. She has a bit of a saddle on her back where the fleece has less of an outer coat, and we haven't figured out yet if that's due to rubbing, or if it's just the way her fleece grows. She's a horned ewe, and her fleece really does have some super bright and ultra shiny luster, so even if it's not 100% perfect she's worth rolling the dice on. She's a bit skittish still, but she'll come in for treats if no strangers are around. By throwing her in with Mel Gibson, we hope to capitalize on his award winning fleece genetics and see if the resulting lamb will have an improved fleece or not. Depending on how that goes, Cookies n Cream will either be culled or kept.

Cookies n Cream's Sire: Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Cookies n Cream's Dam: FCC Spreckles Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

FCC Splash, a beautiful gray and tan eweFCC Splash (N-CSA #6790-13)

Splash is just a really standout ewe no matter how you shake the stick. An unusual gray & tan in coloration, she has a few splashes of lighter pigment across her nose, around her eyes, and on the knobs of her knees. Her fleece has a very well developed undercoat, and while she is a little greasier than most of the Navajo-Churro ewes in my flock, the luster of both her outer and inner coat more than compensates for it. She has great conformation, an impeccably clean belly, legs, and face, and she's got a tall, rangy frame. This ewe is probably about 10-15% larger than over half of the other ewes in my flock, and when she nudges you with her nose, you notice! She came to us pretty skittish, but warmed up nicely over the years, and will now get downright pushy for treats or chest rubs. She has a particularly generous undercoat, which means that she cots up some in the PNW if she's allowed to rub on things while wet, but when sheared twice a year, she yields a great handspinner's fleece. We're hoping that pairing her with Mel Gibson will give her lambs a better balance to their coats, although in the SW, her fleece would be perfectly fine all year around.

FCC Splash's Sire: Unknown

FCC Splash's Dam: Unknown

NSP AthenaNSP Athena (N-CSA #5275-08)

Athena has established herself as the flock matron, and she still continues to produce lambs. Her fleece is much coarser than most of the other Churros here, and in some ways is probably a lot closer to the original Churra stock. From what we've learned of Athena's breeder, she had brought in some sheep from the Navajo Sheep Project, and had listed Athena's dam as being an NSP ewe. Considering that one of our main goals for our Navajo-Churro Sheep flock is to maintain genetic diversity, sheep like Athena are very important. Even with her coarse fleece, her wool still sells well due to its amazing natural blue color. Yarn spun from her wool is not as lustrous as some of the other NW bred sheep, but it's much tougher and more stable. Athena has given us some outstanding lambs over the years, and we hope for a couple more before she gets retired from breeding.

Athena's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Sire's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Sire's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #2218-98)

Athena's Dam: Meredith Howell's NSP Jennifer; Dam's Sire: Susuan Faria's Acey Ducey; Dam's Dam: Susan Faria's Phyllis

Black Navajo-Churro eweDoT Déjà (N-CSA #6789-13)

Déjà is a splendid black ewe, and was in fact one of our first ewe lambs to be born here. Her fleece has a perfect balance between inner and outer coat, has great shine, and a surprisingly soft hand. Originally we'd intended on selling this girl, but a closer look at her dam's breeding records showed that her dam had only produced ram lambs before, and so it was decided to keep Déjà at the last minute. Definitely one of the better calls we've made, since her dam still shows no signs of producing another daughter, and Déjà is closely related to our favorite ram, DoT Lt. Haverson. With luck, we'll get some Lt. Haverson look alikes out of Déjà too!

Déjà's Sire: MTF Sebastian Sire's Sire: EA Ollie (N-CSA #B4053-34) Sire's Dam: baw Dixie (N-CSA #B2878-01)

Déjà's Dam: Noir (N-CSA #5274-08) Dam's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05) Dam's Dam: Susan Faria's Kari

FCC Moss, a young four horned black and tan ram.

FCC Moss

FCC Moss was one of the lambs from the Flynn Creek Churros ewes who came in last year. He's still got a ways to go before he matures, but we planned on selling him and figured we would give him a shot with some ewes before he departed. He's a Black & Tan four horned ram, and he really has a great set of horns. Black & Tan sheep tend to have a slightly different fleece texture than single colored animals, and it's hard to say exactly what Moss's adult coat will settle into. We have faith that it will be every bit as nice as his dam Trinity's coat, so we're taking the chance of using an unproven, immature ram and considering it an educated risk.

Moss's Sire: Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Moss's Dam: FCC Trinity (N-CSA #6822-13) Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

ROB Lark, a tan eweROB Lark

Lark is a fun young ewe, born a dark brown, her coat has mellowed into a rich milk chocolate color. With fleece a bit like her dam's, Lark is hiding some killer fleece genetics inherited from her sire, grand champion Mel Gibson. This ewe was really, incredibly flighty, but she's mellowed out to be a middle of the pack sort of girl. Her fleece doesn't have much luster, but it has a great balance between inner and outer coat, and we think that pairing her with Moss should result in some lambs with perfect luster. Traits often skip a generation, and we have a hunch that this girl will produce lambs with Mel Gibson level fleece when paired with the right ram. Putting two unknowns together is bound to result in something interesting, but it's worth the risk when both animals come from such outstanding parents.

Lark's Sire: Mel Gibson (N-CSA #4771-06) Sire's Sire: Griffindor Sire's Dam: Yak (N-CSA #3157-02)

Lark's Dam: ROB Buttbiter (N-CSA #A5112-07) Dam's Sire: NSP Dinnebito (N-CSA #3528-03) Dam's Dam: ROB Yas (N-CSA #B3457-03)

ROB Buttbiter in deep snow looking perkyROB Buttbiter (N-CSA #A5112-07)

Speaking of Lark's wonderful parents, her dam Buttbiter is yet another of Robbin Robbinson's wonderful ewes. This black jaspered ewe comes by her name quite honestly, for apparently while being sheared, she reached up and nipped her shearer right in the butt! Buttbiter is a very forward ewe, and has no problem sticking her nose in your pockets for treats, matter of fact, I've discovered that she'll flat out bite a hole in my pocket to get at those treats. Despite her somewhat snippy nippy behavior, she is quite friendly and inquisitive, and she's wormed her way right into my heart as one of my favorite ewes. We're choosing to breed both her and Lark to Moss to do a comparison and contrast of how Mel Gibson's genes come into play with the lambs, sort of a test to assess just how far his influence goes.

Buttbiter's Sire:NSP Dinnebito (N-CSA #3528-03) Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Buttbiter's Dam: ROB Yas (N-CSA #B3457-03) Dam's Sire: Shash Yazai (N-CSA #A3113-02) Dam's Dam: Shima (N-CSA #A3112-02)

RNJ Goblin, a gorgeous black eweRNJ Goblin (N-CSA #B5153-07)

Goblin here lives up to her name, in looks at least! She's actually a very sweet ewe, and her fleece is the most incredible slate color at this stage. Like many black sheep, her fleece is slowly going through a color changing process, with it shifting just a bit with each successive shearing. She's been slowly turning into the most lovely gunmetal blue that we've ever seen. Goblin was bred by Bob and Jan Naegle of Sage Springs Ranch out of Colorado, and she is quite the showy addition to the Dot Ranch flock. Despite her wicked looking horns, she's a very gentle ewe, and she usually doesn't react aggressively to anything but strange dogs or coyotes. Her fleece is much coarser and more "traditional" in texture than Moss's appears to be, so we're hoping to see her continue to pass that on down the line so that we can maintain that diversity in our flock and fleece offerings.

Goblin's Sire: CMW Applejack (N-CSA #A4703-06) Sire's Sire: CF Lewisky (N-CSA #B3112-02) Sire's Dam: AM Manzanita (N-CSA #3589-03)

Goblin's Dam:RNJ Ebony (N-CSA #4564-05) Dam's Sire: RNJ Monsoon (N-CSA #3402-03) Dam's Dam: NSP Joy

CNF Taylor Swift, a black & tan ewe lamb CNF Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a really neat looking black & tan ewe, also with a heavier, coarser fleece than Moss has. She has ultra clean legs and face, and her belly sheds out skin smooth during the summer. She is a scurred ewe, which means she has horn like protrubences that never quite grew into real horns, which can be considered a fault but doesn't actually effect anything remotely connected to quality of life or breeding fitness. Aesthetic faults like this are pretty arbitrary, and have more to do with Anglo show-ring standards than with anything else. Her fleece is low luster, but despite the coarseness, she has a great inner coat and a good balance between inner and outer coat. This will be the first time she's bred, and we have to admit, we're hoping for more black & tan lambs.

Tammy & Taylor's Sire: EAGL Reeses Sire's Sire: CNF Nilla (N-CSA #5395-08) Sire's Dam: MTF Amber II (N-CSA #A5394-08)

Tammy & Taylor's Dam: CNF Mariah Carey (N-CSA #5624-09) Dam's Sire: ALG Gandalf II Dam's Dam: CNF Marie Osmund (N-CSA #B3161-02)

SSC Rodeo, a gray and white Navajo-Churro ram

SSC Rodeo

SSC Rodeo is a medium sized and very flashy ram. From the Naegles in Colorado, Rodeo has great conformation, excellent fleece, and a gorgeous summer look with ultra clean face and legs. He's a gray ram with a white color spotting pattern over the top, so he has gray and white legs, gray fleece, and a gray and white face. This will be the first year we use him, and we're hoping to see some churra marked lambs out of this guy.

Rodeo's Sire: SDA Crosby (N-CSA #A5918-10); Sire's Sire: SDA Shadow (N-CSA #4725-06) Sire's Dam: SDA Nutmeg (N-CSA #A5035-07)

Rodeo's Dam: CMW Fiona Dam's Sire: CMW Applejack (N-CSA #A4703-06) Dam's Dam: CMW Malarky (N-CSA #A3304-02)

DR Tomoko's Wish, a white eweDoT Tomoko's Wish (N-CSA #A6827-13)

Tomoko's Wish was the first ewe lamb born on Dot Ranch, and to date, she is still the largest lamb ever birthed here. She is, no surprise, one of the largest ewes here, and while she is a bit shy to strangers, she's pretty easy to handle. Her fleece is an improved version of her sire PDF Bryce's fleece, with a heavy and well defined lock structure, abundant inner coat, and low kemp. Tomoko's Wish has very clean legs, belly, and face, especially considering the heft of fleece that she puts on. Her last lamb was everything we'd hoped for, clean featured and stout with a beautiful fleece. White can be a dominant color pattern, but she had a black lamb so we know that she's capable of producing colors, so bets are on about what sort of lamb she'll produce with a beautiful gray like Rodeo. We're also hoping that her size will pass on, as Rodeo is a bit smaller than our other rams, and Tomoko's Wish is, well, she's one hefty girl for a Navajo-Churro.

Tomoko's Wish's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05); Sire's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03); Sire's Dam: PDF Kaia (N-CSA #A2854-01)

Tomoko's Wish's Dam: NSP Athena (N-CSA #5375-08); Dam's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05); Dam's Dam: Meredith Howell's Jennifer

Espresso, a pretty black traditional fleeced Navajo-Churro ewe Espresso (N-CSA #6821-13)

Espresso is another of the Idaho flock that was purchased in June 2012. Her fleece texture is particularly interesting, because her outer coat, while well defined, is very coarse for a ewe coat, almost more in line with a ram's outer coat. Her inner coat appears coarse to the eye, but is supremely dense and springy. The inner coat has super soft hand, despite the fact that it looks a bit like a brillo pad. She does not have crimp, it's more a gentle texture and super loft. Her fleece is a favorite with felters and people doing needle felting, because it's soft, but extraordinarily strong, even for Churro wool. She held her black color for quite a while, only beginning to frost gray in 2014. She's starting to pick up some rust in her outer coat, and her inner coat is still a deep black, which makes her fleece blend out into a rich and complex soft black. We had hoped for more non-fading blacks from her, but she's given us a mixture of phaeo gray and non-fading black lambs, so it's a total gamble what she'll present when bred to a flashy spotted gray and white like Rodeo.

Espresso's Sire: Ben Slatter's Rambo Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Espresso's Dam: Latte Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

CMW Godiva, a Rio Grande Brown Navajo-Churro SheepCMW Godiva (N-CSA #A4258)

Godiva is a Rio Grande Brown from Connie Taylor's Cerro Mojino Woolworks. Her color is pretty unusual, it's a brown that is so dark it almost appears black, but when you see her in the sunlight, you can see the rich sable sheen to her face and legs. It's almost a duo-chrome effect! She's an older ewe, but she is apparently part energizer bunny, because she just keeps on producing lambs like clockwork without any significant loss in body condition. Still, we know that eventually she'll need to retire from the breeding pen, so we're treasuring the lambs that we get from her. We selected her to breed with Rodeo because of her superior size and her rich fleece, she has a much stronger undercoat than Rodeo does, and we believe that their lambs will inherit some better growth rates and fleece qualities.

CMW Godiva's Sire: CF Lewisky (N-CSA #B3112-02); Sire's Sire: baw Luis (N-CSA #A2811-01); Sire's Dam: CMW Begora (N-CSA #A2060-97)

CMW Godiva's Dam: MMC Giardeli (N-CSA #3587-03); Dam's Sire: Unknown; Dam's Dam: CA Mask (N-CSA #2438-99)

ALS Storm, a black badgerface pattern eweALS Storm (N-CSA #A6803-13)

Storm is one of those ewes that's a real pain to handle, but she's so pretty that we haven't eaten her yet. She's a 4 horned ewe (although technically, I think she's more like a 4 scurred ewe) and her fleece is absolutely magnificent. With a soft, lofty inner coat and a silky outer coat, she's an absolute dream for the handspinner. She has good flocking instincts, but she is incredibly flighty, and she'll stampede the entire flock out of the barn if she thinks we're about to shut the gate. This makes her a wonderful range ewe, but a real jerk for those of us who need to accomplish hoof trimmings, fecal checks and shearing. If I'm damning her with faint praise, it's only because half the time we're thinking about how good she'll taste. This year, we're hoping that Rodeo's two horned genetics and much softer disposition will transfer to Storm's lambs. If she impresses us, we'll suck it up and keep dealing with her awful attitude.

Storm's Sire: DAM Giddeon (N-CSA #6638-12) Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: DAM Briana (N-CSA #6636-12)

Storm's Dam: CNF Luthien Tinuvial (N-CSA #A5764-09) Dam's Sire: CNF Patrick (N-CSA #B3552-03) Dam's Dam: Galadriel (N-CSA #3159-02)

MTF Cocoa, a red ewe

MTF Cocoa (N-CSA #C6798-13)

Cocoa is a lovely, but skittish red ewe. She is very alert, and her wariness is a natural protection against the predators that roam the mountains around us, but she isn't the easiest ewe to handle. Luckily, her lambs seem to have a much better temper than her, and as she isn't aggressive, I've never been displeased. Cocoa's fleece is absolutely wonderful to work with, highly lustrous and with a very fine undercoat. Her outer coat is a little coarse for a ewe, but when blended with the undercoat, it has a good hand that's well suited to felting or spinning for heavier yarn. Cocoa's lambs have all been a real joy to work with, and they tend to be heavier wool producers with nice, open lock structure. We're hoping that Rodeo's influence will give Cocoa's lambs a bit cleaner of a look, and a little more outer coat.

Cocoa's Sire: SB George (N-CSA #C4605-05); Sire's Sire: baw Rafael (N-CSA #B3226-02);Sire's Dam: baw Nadia (N-CSA #C3374-03)

Cocoa's Dam: MTF Red Spruce (N-CSA #B4000); Dam's Sire: PDF Whitehorse (N-CSA #C3005-02); Dam's Dam: RHR Penelope (N-CSA #A2369-99)

BHF Zalinga (N-CSA #A6820-13)

Zalinga is another of our really flighty ewes. Sense a trend here? We're hoping that Rodeo's utter fearlessness will help mellow out the lambs of our flightiest girls, and give us some lambs that are a good bit more workable. Zalinga appears to be a non fading black, going on 7 years now with hardly a trace of fading to her coat. She's the dam of our favorite ram, DoT Lt. Haverson, and her lambs have so far all been either non-fading blacks or NSP blues. It'll be interesting to see what color we get out of a wildcard like Rodeo!

Zalinga's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05) Sire's Sire: PDF Chipmunk (N-CSA #A3413-03) Sire's Dam: PDF Kaia (N-CSA#2854-01)

Zalinga's Dam: Skunky (N-CSA #5276-08) Dam's Sire: baw Walla Walla (N-CSA #B4385-05) Dam's Dam: Meredith Howell's Allison

FCC Little Blue, an English Blue ewe FCC Little Blue (N-CSA #6791-13)

Little Blue is one personable ewe, but she's definitely getting up there in age. She has amazing fleece, with a hearty outer coat and a very shiny, lustrous steel grey inner coat. An English Blue Badger pattern, she's given us a variety of colored lambs, including reds and more English Blues. It's a total crap shoot what she could provide us with Rodeo, but we're kinda hoping for another English Blue with Rodeo's white spotting pattern on the legs and points. Whatever we get, this lamb (or lambs) is sure to have spectacular fleece. Little Blue will most likely be retired from breeding after this year.

Little Blue's Sire: Unknown Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Little Blue's Dam: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown Dam's Sire: Unknown

HwS Greasy HwS Greasy (N-CSA #6801-13)

This lovely little ewe came in from Chuck Wales of Hovenweep Sheep. For the longest time, we thought her name was Breezy, but it turns out Chuck had actually named her Greasy in honor of her super lustrous and ultra black fleece. A joy to work with, she has a great balance of inner to outer coat, and the heavy, beautifully open long coat that we just love to see. She started out as a slightly fuzzy lamb, but this summer matured into a perfectly clean ewe with ultra clean face, legs, and belly. While this is a winter photo, even here you can see that her lamb fuzz was pretty mild. Her fleece is the truest black of any fleece we've seen in quite a while. We're hoping for a black and white patterened lamb, or a churra marked lamb from the union of Greasy and Rodeo.

Greasy's Sire: Red Bird; Sire's Sire: Unknown; Sire's Dam: Unknown.

Greasy's Dam: HwS Squeaky; Dam's Sire: HwS Gilligan (N-CSA #B5916-10); Dam's Dam: Luna (N-CSA #4788-06).