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2013 Navajo-Churro Lambs

Sorted by Sire

Mel Gibson a beautiful sand ramMel Gibson (N-CSA #4771-06)

Mel Gibson is a spectacular ram, bred by Darlene Two Trees. He placed Reserve Grand Champion at Sheep is Life in 2007, and his fleece placed blue ribbon at Sheep is Life in 2010 and 2012. He's a been there, done that ram, and has been through some of the nation's top Navajo-Churro breeding flocks. I am very happy to say that Mel Gibson has come here to Dot Ranch to spend his final days passing on his award winning genetics to our future lambs.

Mel Gibson's Sire: UV Griffindor Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Mel Gibson's Dam: Yak (N-CSA #3157-02) Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

DR Joshua 029, an incredible white brown spotted ram DR Frederick 104, a beautiful white ram lamb

DR Frederick 104 and DR Joshua 029

These twin ram lambs were a complete surprise, their dam was carrying them so well that we didn't even realize she was anywhere close to term. We'd expected her to lamb in March, so it was a tense surprise to discover these two little lambs in the middle of one of our freak winter snowstorms. Frederick is the white ram lamb, Joshua is the brown spotted ram lamb. Both have the super widespread horns and amazingly lengthy lustrous fleece of their sire, Mel Gibson.

Birth date: 17 Dec 2012
Birth weight: DR Joshua 029--4 lbs; DR Frederick 104--6 lbs
DR Frederick 104 tag #: OR 04214-23
DR Joshua 029's tag #:OR 04214-24

DR Frederick 104 and DR Joshua 029's Sire: Mel Gibson (N-CSA #4771-06) Sire's Sire: UV Griffindor Sire's Dam: Yak (N-CSA #3157-02)

DR Frederick 104 and DR Joshua 029's Dam: CNF Mariah Carey (N-CSA #5624-09) Dam's Sire: ALG Gandalf II Dam's Dam: CNF Marie Osmund (N-CSA #B3161-02)

DR Captain Rawley, a black polled ewe lambDR Cpt. Rawley

Captain Rawley is a beautiful polled black ewe lamb. Her dam is one of the glossiest black sheep I've ever seen, and her sire is well known for his award winning fleece. Cpt. Rawley seems posed to inherit the best traits of both her parents. She was a very large ewe lamb, and she bears the long and strong topline of her sire. One of the biggest of the March lambs, she already shows promising fleece structure and a beautiful amount of luster.

Birth date: 13 March 2013
Birth weight: 9 lbs
Tag #: OR 04214-38

DR Cpt Rawley's Sire: Mel Gibson (N-CSA #4771-06) Sire's Sire: UV Griffindor Sire's Dam: Yak (N-CSA #3157-02)

DR Cpt Rawley's Dam: BHF Zalinga (N-CSA #Registration Pending) Dam's Sire: PDF Bryce (N-CSA #B4537-05) Dam's Dam: Skunky (N-CSA #5276-08)

ALS Mitchell, a white badger ram with 4 horns, two fused on the right and two unfused on the left.ALS Mitchell (N-CSA #6547-12)

Mitchell is a fine young ram. He was bred by Josh Pecukonis of All Smiles Sheep and Wool. Mitchell has four horns, two fused on the right, and two unfused on the left. I wasn't really aiming for another 4 horn, but Mitchell was so big and beautiful that I couldn't resist. His lamb fleece won a blue ribbon in the Montana State Fair, and his adult fleece is absolutely beautiful. He's an easy to handle ram, which is a good thing because that horn of his is a real regular spear! Despite his fearsome appearance, Mitchell is a fairly gentle ram, and he's one of the only rams that comes when his name is called.

Mitchell's Sire: DAM Mitch (N-CSA #4390-05); Sire's Sire: DAM Gunther (N-CSA #1748-06); Sire's Dam: DAM Molly

Mitchell's Dam: ALS Panda; Dam's Sire: baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146); Dam's Dam: ALS Dusty Miller (N-CSA #A5989-08)

Mitchell had no lambs this year. A freak bad reaction to a vaccine resulted in his death.

baw Master Chief Nestor, a brown badger face ram with 4 horns fused into twobaw Nestor (N-CSA #C6548-12)

This is a gorgeous 4 horn fused brown badger face ram, bred by bide a wee Farm. Nestor's horns are perfectly fused, widely spaced, and super strong. His fleece is very soft for a ram, and it grows faster even than some of our ewes' fleeces! He is a very shy guy, which makes him popular with the humans. Anybody who has ever been crowded for hay by a ram with massive horns knows the value of a shy ram, and I can well attest, I'd rather deal with a skittish big boy than one that's friendly to the point of aggression. Nestor will be bred for the first time this fall.

Nestor's Sire: baw Salazar (N-CSA #B4206); Sire's Sire: baw Chakotay (N-CSA #B3386-03); Sire's Dam: RHR Pralines & Cream (N-CSA #A1964-97)

Nestor's Dam: baw Ailsa (N-CSA #C4204); Dam's Sire: FRF Flint (N-CSA #B3382-03); Dam's Dam: baw Vidalia (N-CSA #B2218-98)

DR Captain Keyes, a brown badgerface ramDR Cpt Keyes

Captain Keyes is a gorgeous brown badgerface lamb with fawn body and a big, showy white blaze down his face. He is a four horned ram, and it is very likely that his horns will fuse much like Nestor's. Like his sire and dam, he appears to have great lock structure in his lamb fleece, and he looks like he'll be much cleaner legged than his sire.

Birth date: 19 Mar 2013
Birth weight: 9 lbs
Tag #: OR 04214-49

DR Cpt Keyes's Sire: baw Nestor (N-CSA #C6548-12) Sire's Sire: baw Salazar (N-CSA #B4206) Sire's Dam: baw Ailsa (N-CSA #C4204)

DR Cpt Keyes's Dam: ALS Buffalo (N-CSA #B6546-12) Dam's Sire: baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146) Dam's Dam: RNJ Goody (N-CSA #A5353-08)

VRI Jango, a magnificent black TGH two horned ramVRI Jango (N-CSA #A6806-13)

Jango here was bred by Asheley of Vrijheid Dutch Shepherds, a small farm nestled into the semi rural suburbs of Salt Lake City. Asheley has some gorgeous sheep, and I was very happy to bring home both a ewe lamb and this magnificent fellow. Jango is a fairly mellow ram, and never seems to pick on the juveniles like Mel Gibson does. He is growing out a supremely black fleece, and I'm very excited to see what sort of lambs he'll produce. His sire, SW Fuego, was a gorgeous red ram, and I have every faith that Jango will throw a good number of brown lambs for us. Jango will be submitted for registration in December, 2012.

Jango's Sire: SW Fuego (N-CSA #5923-10) Sire's Sire: SW Andrew Sire's Dam: SW Quiet

Jango's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09) Dam's Sire: CNF Prince (N-CSA #4790-06) Dam's Dam: Luna (N-CSA #4788-06)

Two black ram lambs

DR Truth and DR Reconciliation

These two ram lambs are quite the characters. They delight in scrambling around into places they don't belong, and their dam RNJ Goblin can often be heard bawwling her head off for them to come back. Much like their sire Jango, these two are black with pronounced TGH tophat markings, although DR Truth (the lamb to the left) has a much smaller spot than DR Reconciliation does.

Birth date: 30 Jan 2013
Birth weight: DR Truth--8 lbs; DR Reconciliation --10 lbs
DR Truth tag #: OR 04214-18
DR Reconciliation tag #:OR 04214-19

DR Truth and DR Reconciliation's Sire: VRI Jango (Registration pending) Sire's Sire: SW Fuego (N-CSA #5923-10) Sire's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09)

DR Truth and DR Reconciliation's Dam: RNJ Goblin (N-CSA #B5153-07) Dam's Sire: CMW Applejack (N-CSA #A4703-06) Dam's Dam: RNJ Ebony (N-CSA #4564-05)

DR Mocha, a brown TGH eweDR Mocha

DR Mocha is a glowing, lustrous brown TGH ewe lamb, and she looks like she will be a very clean legged ewe. Her dam is one of the fuzziest sheep in the flock, and VRI Jango is one of the cleanest sires in my flock, so I'm hoping that Mocha here will trend after her sire. Judging by her lamb coat, the chance is high that Mocha will be the perfect happy medium. This lamb is not for sale.

Birth date: 02 Feb 2013
Birth weight: 7 lbs (Twin)
Tag #OR 04214-27

DR Mocha's Sire:VRI Jango (Registration pending) Sire's Sire: SW Fuego (N-CSA #5923-10) Sire's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09)

DR Mocha's Dam:MTF Cocoa (Registration Pending) Dam's Sire: SB George (N-CSA #C4605-05) Dam's Dam: MTF Red Spruce (N-CSA #B4000)

A black badger eweDR Lysithea

DR Lysithea is another stunning ewe lamb out of BHF Marabella and VRI Jango. She's a bit shy like her dam, but she's been a fast gainer and her lamb fleece looks very promising. She is also one of the darkest black badgerface ewes I've seen come out of my ewes, probably courtesy of Jango.

Birth date: 03 Feb 2013
Birth weight: 9 lbs
Tag #OR 04214-26

DR Lysithea's Sire:VRI Jango (Registration pending) Sire's Sire: SW Fuego (N-CSA #5923-10) Sire's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09)

DR Lysithea's Dam:BHF Marabella (Registration Pending) Dam's Sire: MTF Sebastian Dam's Dam: PDF Champagne(N-CSA #B5272-08)

DR John 117DR John 117

Now this guy is a ram lamb to keep your eye on. DR John 117 is an absolutely gorgeous red ram with big, bold TGH markings and quite the set of two horns working out. Born silver in color, John 117's body has been steadily changing to a ruddy sunset hue, while his belly has a streak of lighter color that isn't quite as light as a reverse badger's coloring. A supremely fast gainer, this ram is growing quicker than nearly any other lamb in the flock.

Birth date: 09 Feb 2013
Birth weight: 9.5 lbs
Tag #not yet assigned

DR John 117's Sire:VRI Jango (Registration pending) Sire's Sire: SW Fuego (N-CSA #5923-10) Sire's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09)

DR John 117's Dam:Espresso (Registration Pending) Dam's Sire: Rambo Dam's Dam: Sumatra (Registration pending)

DR Carter, a black two horned ram lambDR Carter

Carter here is another fine looking ram, with the enormous two black horns of his sire developing. He has a very fine and lustrous lamb fleece, and like his dam's other lamb, he is a very well built and sturdy lamb. Honey Badger, Carter's dam, is one of those sheep that doesn't show the best herself, but consistently throws exemplary large and healthy lambs with incredible fleece. What she doesn't have in looks, she makes up for in producing splendid lambs, and in passing on her good pocket sheep sweet nature.

Birth date: 06 Apr 2013
Birth weight: 9 lbs
Tag #OR 04214-54

DR Carter's Sire: VRI Jango (Registration pending) Sire's Sire: SW Fuego (N-CSA #5923-10) Sire's Dam: HwS Athena (N-CSA #A5766-09)

DR Carter's Dam: ALS Honey Badger (Registration Pending) Dam's Sire: ALS Reese (N-CSA #C4146) Dam's Dam: HwS Magnolia (N-CSA #A5385-08)

BS Moonstruck, a gorgeous brown ram yearlingMoonstruck

Moonstruck is a gorgeous and massive brown two horned lamb, and he is one of the Idaho bonus lambs I picked up in summer of 2012. Moonstruck has a wider spread on his horns than his sire did, and I forsee that this big guy is going to do nothing but improve with age. His fleece is very long, beautiful, and nearly kemp free. Born on Thanksgiving day of 2011, he's maturing rapidly into a very handsome guy, and will be submitted for registration in early summer 2013.

Moonstruck's Sire: Ben Slatter's Rambo (Unregistered) Sire's Sire: Unknown Sire's Dam: Unknown

Moonstruck's Dam: Sumatra (N-CSA #6796-13) Dam's Dam: Unknown Dam's Sire: Unknown

DR Halsey, a brown and tan ewe lambDR Halsey

Halsey is a highly lustrous brown and tan polled ewe lamb. She has great conformation, and appears to be taking after her mom with a super clean look. ALS Belle was a champion first time mom, and Halsey was born unassisted and very vigorous. Her dam has extraordinarily high luster fleece, and her sire has some of the most beautiful long, open locks of any ram in my flock, so I look forward to seeing what DR Halsey develops into.

Birth date: 07 May 2013
Birth weight: 8 lbs
Tag #OR 04214-55

DR Halsey's Sire: Moonstruck (Registration Pending) Sire's Sire: Ben Slatter's Rambo (unregistered) Sire's Dam: Sumatra (N-CSA #6796-13)

DR Halsey's Dam: ALS Belle (N-CSA #A6545-12) Dam's Sire: baw Reese (N-CSA #C4146) Dam's Dam: ALG Oprah (N-CSA #5763-09)

DR Kat a Brown English BlueDR Jorge, a brown black badgerface ram lamb

DR Kat and DR Jorge

Kat and Jorge are also out of a first time mother, the lovely RNJ Grace. These two twins are a very unusual color, a deep, silvery dark brown that almost appears black, with black belly, legs, and faces. DR Kat shows the white teardrops of an English Blue, in addition to the black badgerface pattern, and I suspect that DR Jorge may develop this as well. DR Kat is a very healthy ewe lamb, and DR Jorge appears to be a nice two horned ram lamb with TGH white markings on his head and tail. Both lambs are very clean, and seem to have that super straight lamb fleece that crops up in some of the older Navajo-Churro lines.

Birth date: 15 May 2013
Birth weight: DR Kat--7 lbs; DR Jorge --8 lbs
DR Kat tag #: OR 04214- TBA
DR Jorge tag #:OR 04214- TBA

DR Kat and Jorge's Sire: Moonstruck (Registration Pending) Sire's Sire: Ben Slatter's Rambo (unregistered) Sire's Dam: Sumatra (N-CSA #6796-13)

DR Kat and Jorge's Dam: RNJ Grace (A6800-13) Dam's Sire: SDA Crosby (A5918-10) Dam's Dam: ALG Fancy (N-CSA #4811-06)

Dams can be viewed HERE

Additions of 2013

Sheep camp at Sheep is Life 2013 As anybody who has worked in genetic conservation can well attest, diversity is the key to success.

Here at Dot Ranch, a lot of thought and care goes into ensuring that our flock doesn't get too highly line bred or inbred. 2013 has brought in a whole new line of ewes and rams, from the California bred Flynn Creek Churros flock to the most far flung parts of Navajo Nation. We're very excited to bring in these new sheep, all of whom are incredibly beautiful, high quality animals.

A Special Note for 2013

The Flynn Creek Churros flock came in without paperwork or documentation, due to some circumstances out of their previous owner's control. This flock has been maintained as a closed flock of pure Navajo-Churro stock for 6 years, and the original sheep came from a combination of NW and SW foundations. Included were sheep from Ingrid Painter, Karen Lobb, Jay Begay, Connie Taylor, Sam Cunningham, and many others familiar to the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association. However, due to the loss of the Flynn Creek Churros breeding records, all of the Flynn Creek ewes will be submitted for registration as foundation animals. The sires to the lambs listed here were two Flynn Creek Churros produced rams, both of whom were magnificent. In some cases, we know which ram sired which lamb, but in most cases, we do not conclusively know which sired whom. If the records are ever recovered, I will update pedigrees for anybody who buys lambs descended from these animals.

brown ewe FCC Auburn

Auburn here is an amazing red ewe out of Deanna Thomas' Flynn Creek Churros line. Here at Dot Ranch, we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and a large number of Flynn Creek Churros finest sheep came to join us in Oregon. Auburn was my very favorite of the brown ewes, and she has joined our line up of breeding stock. Her fleece has a great open character, a well defined outer and inner coat, and quite the incredible color depth. She is being submitted for registration in 2013.

This ewe has been sold

FCC Auburn's Sire: Unknown

FCC Auburn's Dam: Unknown

Brown English Badger eweFCC Audrey Hepburn (N-CSA #6792-13)

Audrey Hepburn here is a super star, and she just brings Hollywood class along with her. She is a rather unusual color pattern, a Brown English Blue Badgerface, and she has a ram lamb at her side with the same amazing coloration. Audrey has that incredible open fleece that I really prefer on my sheep, and she is a wonderful mother.

FCC Audrey Hepburn's Sire: Unknown

FCC Audrey Hepburn's Dam: Unknown

Brown English Blue Badgerface Ram lambFCC Bengal

Bengal here looked like he was tiger striped when he was born, and he's just developing into a very nice looking two horned ram. He has the same unusual coloring of his dam, FCC Audrey Hepburn, and given that his sire was one of two solid colored rams, I would say there's a pretty good chance that Bengal will sire more lambs that share his English Blue looks. This ram is available for reservation or purchase.

FCC Bengal's Sire: Unknown

FCC Bengal's Dam: FCC Audrey Hepburn

Birth date: 16 Mar 2013
Birth weight: 10 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-41

Black Badger EweFCC Koki's Girl (N-CSA #6793-13)

This black badgerface ewe has an incredibly high luster to her fleece, with a thick lofty undercoat and a long silky hand to the outer coat. She's also blessed with just the sweetest disposition. She seems to produce some amazing lambs, all of whom have inherited her fantastic fleece and calm, easy keeper attitude. This ewe is one of the older ones in this flock, and yet she still maintains a good body weight and has exceptionally strong teeth. Part of our focus is on breeding stronger, longer lasting animals with higher productivity, so we expect to use this ewe for quite some years.

Koki's Girl's Sire: Unknown

Koki's Girl's Dam: baw Koki Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

FCC Reagan, black lambFCC Reagan

FCC Reagan is an outstanding two horned black ram lamb with some truly massive horns developing on him. This guy is pretty hefty for a twin, and he has the same great, drapy fleece developing as his mom has.

FCC Reagan's Sire: Unknown

FCC Reagan's Dam: FCC Koki's Girl Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 16 Mar 2013
Birth weight: 8.5 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-43

brown black badger lambFCC Jerry Brown

This guy was born with the most amazing coat of rich chocolate brown, which has lightened into a light mesa red with bold black badgerface markings. Jerry has a beautiful, wide arching set of horns, incredible lamb fleece, and a strong conformation. He may join our 2014 breeding line up, and won't be available for sale until after we've gotten a good number of lambs out of him.

FCC Jerry Brown's Sire: Unknown

FCC Jerry Brown's Dam: FCC Koki's Girl Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 16 Mar 2013
Birth weight: 8 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-42

English Blue Badgerface eweFCC Little Blue (N-CSA #6791-13)

Little Blue is yet another one of those ewes with an amazing piece of presence. She grows a truly 80's worthy set of bangs, and she just has her own sort of saunter as she walks around the pastures. This ewe doesn't just act big, she produces big, with two of the nicest ewe lambs anybody could ever wish for at her side. Little Blue has an amazing fleece with excellent luster and color depth, a nice hand, and a great undercoat. One of the friendlier of the Flynn Creek Churros ewes, Little Blue will eat out of your hand if you offer her a treat.

Little Blue's Sire: Unknown

Little Blue's Dam: Unknown

brown ewe lambFCC Agate

Agate is a very nice brown lamb. She seems to be developing a very clean, clear face, legs, and belly, with a supremely long and well draped lamb coat.

2017 update: FCC Agate has grown into one of our favorite brown ewes. She consistently produces lambs with the highest quality fleece.

FCC Agate's Sire: Unknown

FCC Agate's Dam: FCC Little Blue

Birth date: 01 Mar 2013
Birth weight: 7 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-28

English Blue Badger ewe lambFCC Slate

Slate here is the twin sister to FCC Agate, and both lambs have the most lovely lofty, well draped fleece. While it's too early to tell whether or not Slate will inherit her mom's amazing bangs, it's clear that she's carrying on the English Blue Badger tradition as well as the exemplary fleece.

FCC Slate's Sire: Unknown

FCC Slate's Dam: FCC Little Blue

Birth date: 01 Mar 2013
Birth weight: 8 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-29

FCC Marita and her two lambs FCC Marita's Girl with twins FCC Hot Lips Houlihan and FCC Major Burns

Marita here was a favorite girl at her previous home, and it's easy to see why. This beautiful white ewe has very lustrous fleece, great lock structure, and amazing pale golden horns and hooves. Marita produces very nice lambs, and she has such a shy, sweet character. Her belly, legs, and face are all exceptionally clean, and she has a really classic look to her with alert ears and eyes. Her twin lambs FCC Hot Lips Houlihan (the white Churra marked ewe lamb) and the stunning brown and tan 4 horned ram lamb FCC Major Burns, both look to have inherited Marita's super clean legs, belly, and face, as well as her fleece.

Marita's Sire: Unknown

Marita's Dam: Unknown

FCC Hot Lips Houlihans and FCC Major Burns' Sire: Unknown

FCC Hot Lips Houlihans and FCC Major Burns' Dam: FCC Marita

Birth date: 10 Mar 2013
FCC Hot Lips Houlihan's birth weight: 8 lbs
FCC Major Burns' birth weight: 8 lbs
FCC Hot Lips Houlihan's ID Tag #: OR 04214-37
FCC Major Burns' ID Tag #: OR 04214-36

FCC Shadow a white Churra marked eweFCC Shadow (N-CSA #6794-13)

Ms. Thomas over at Flynn Creek Churros sure knew what she was about with breeding Navajo-Churro Sheep, and Shadow here is a prime example of that. With her long, full fleece, great undercoat, and perfectly clean belly, legs, and face, Shadow is just a great all around example of an excellent Navajo-Churro Sheep. This gal has great conformation, nice stride, and a very alert attitude. I really look forward to more years of lambs from Shadow, and it's likely that if she produces a great ram, we will keep him for a couple more years as one of our flock sires.

FCC Shadow's Sire: Unknown

FCC Shadow's Dam: Unknown

FCC Pewter, a gray and tan ewe lambFCC Pewter

Pewter was born an amazing deep shade of tarnished silver with a beautiful, moonlight bright belly. Her Gray & Tan coloration has held true, although depending on what light she's standing in, she could be mistaken for a light brown. I have a particular fondness of Gray & Tan Navajo-Churros, and Pewter doesn't disappoint with her long, beautiful wool locks. This ewe will get to spend all her days here at Dot Ranch.

FCC Pewter's Sire: Unknown

FCC Pewter's Dam: FCC Shadow Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 03 Mar 2013
Birth weight: 8 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-33

FCC Twillight, a black lambFCC Twillight

Twillight is the black sheep twin sister to Pewter. She is a true, deep black, unbroken by even the smallest white marking. Her fleece is especially lofty and long for a black sheep, and her face is very clean. While she does have a pretty wooly belly, if she turns out anything like her mom, all that lamb fuzz will be gone in another year's time.

FCC Twillight's Sire: Unknown

FCC Twillight's Dam: FCC Shadow Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 03 March 2013
Birth weight: 5 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-32

FCC Snooki, a black eweFCC Snooki (N-CSA #6795-13)

Snooki here was one of those sneak attack sheep who didn't really impress me at first. I thought she was a bit of a fat rumped bimbo for the first few weeks after her arrival, and I'd pretty well had her slated for the summer sale list. Wow, did I have her pegged wrong! Her fleece came in beautifully, and so did her mothering skills. Snooki's incredible deep blue gray fleece doesn't look like much when it's growing in, but at even four months length my handspinning friends were beginning to salivate over her. She birthed a beautiful horned black ewe lamb, and settled down so fully that I feel guilty for having doubted her. So now she's here to stay, and I look forward to many more years of lambs from her.

FCC Snooki's Sire:Unknown

FCC Snooki's Dam: Unknown

FCC Shasta, black horned ewe lamb FCC Shasta

Shasta is a jet black ewe lamb with a very consistent, well draped fleece. She shows wonderful conformation, clean legs and a lightly lamb fuzzed belly, a very clean face, and has huge black horns. Her horns are so large I've flipped her over on four separate occasions to ensure that yes, she really is a ewe lamb, and not just hiding some hanky business! However, she's a real shy sweetheart, and never butts or bullies the other lambs.

FCC Shasta's Sire: Unknown

FCC Shasta's Dam: FCC Snooki Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 15 March 2013
Birth weight: 8 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-44

FCC Splash, a beautiful gray and tan eweFCC Splash (N-CSA #6790-13)

Splash is just a really standout ewe no matter how you shake the stick. An unusual gray & tan in coloration, she has a few splashes of lighter pigment across her nose, around her eyes, and on the knobs of her knees. Her fleece has a very well developed undercoat, and while she is a little greasier than most of the Navajo-Churro ewes in my flock, the luster of both her outer and inner coat more than compensates for it. She has great conformation, an impeccably clean belly, legs, and face, and she's got a tall, rangy frame. This ewe is probably about 10-15% larger than over half of the other ewes in my flock, and when she nudges you with her nose, you notice! She is fairly skittish, and quite savvy about stranger danger and predators.

FCC Splash's Sire: Unknown

FCC Splash's Dam: Unknown

FCC Spreckles FCC Spreckles

Spreckles is a beautiful shell ewe with a frosted muzzle and eyes, light Churra eyeliner, and light gray brockle on her nose and legs. She is a great example of a Navajo-Churro with the primitive, classic sloped back, and with her ultra clean belly, legs, and face, she matches the breed standard perfectly. Her fleece doesn't let up, with its well definied outer and inner coat that is completely free of crimp, light on kemp, and high luster. She's another tall, rangy ewe, and she has quite a bit of attitude. Her fleece is a real pleasure to spin, and takes vegetal dyes without hesitation.

FCC Spreckle's Sire: Unknown

FCC Spreckle's Dam: Unknown

FCC Cookies n CreamFCC Cookies n Cream

Cookies n Cream is a great looking pure white ewe lamb. She has her dam Spreckle's great, high luster, well draped fleece. She has tiny golden scurs, and like her dam, she's calm but not overly friendly. She has very clean legs and face, and her belly is pretty clean for a lamb. She's a large lamb, especially for a twin, and has inherited the taller, rangier build of her dam.

FCC Cookies n Cream's Sire: Unknown

FCC Cookies n Cream's Dam: FCC Spreckles Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 03 March 2013
Birth weight: 8 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-31

FCC Trinity, a three horned eweFCC Trinity (N-CSA #6822-13)

Trinity here is a lovely young English Blue Badger ewe. She has very light white teardrops, and a splash of white frosting to her nose. Her fleece is very heavy, coarse, and open, with a distinctively finer undercoat. Trinity has three horns, two on the right, one on the left, which was how she earned her name. She does not have split eyelids, a rarity for a four horned sheep. Trinity had some lamb fleece still on her rear legs when she first got here, but by the end of summer she is super smooth with zero signs of wool on legs, belly, or face. She is also an exceptional mother, and has even defended her lamb from coyotes by attacking the coyotes herself in a wicked head butting and stomping move. Trinity's lamb had his leg broken shortly after birth, and he had to be carried everywhere so that Trinity would be able to graze. She never once abandoned him, and he's now a very healthy and completely sound young ram lamb.For this alone, I'd say Trinity has earned her forever home here on Dot Ranch.

Trinity's Sire: Unknown

Trinity's Dam: Unknown

FCC MossFCC Moss

Moss is one lucky guy. This four horned ram lamb was born very tiny. He was stepped on by another ewe in the barn, and his hind leg was broken. He got taped back up, and I carried him around the farm after his mom for a few weeks until it healed. His dam is a wonderful mother though, and never abandoned him or even strayed too far from his side. After a couple weeks of supplementary bottle feeding, he picked right back up and went entirely onto his dam for milk, without losing an iota of momentum ever since. Today he's a good sized young ram lamb, without even a trace of a limp. He is a deep, dark brown & tan lamb, with heavy horns. His top two horns are particularly large, and he's a bit of a boxer with the other ram lambs. His fleece is true to type, even his lamb fleece was distinctly dual coated. He's on our watch list as a possible flock sire for 2015.

FCC Moss's Sire: Unknown

FCC Moss's Dam: FCC Trinity Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 16 March 2013
Birth weight: 4 lbs
ID Tag #: OR 04214-48

FCC Azula and twins

FCC Fireball and FCC Lightening

Fireball and Lightening are twin lambs. FCC Fireball is a sand two horned ram, and Lightening is a NSP Blue and TGH marked two horned ewe. Their dam, FCC Azula, has gone to join Cunnington Farms in Moab, Utah. Fireball has wonderful wide spread horns, and is on our watch list as a potential flock sire. Lightening was a bottle lamb, and is far too personable to go anywhere except to a family with kids. Both lambs have the nice, open and well draped fleece of their dam. Azula was another classic Churro type, with sloped back, long legs, and a very clean phenotype despite her longer than average wool. Her horns were very distinctively ridged and widespread, and she was a good mom despite being a little short on milk for twins. While she didn't feed Lightening, she did mother her.

FCC Fireball and Lightening's Sire: Unknown

FCC Fireball and Lightening's Dam: FCC Trinity Dam's Sire: Unknown Dam's Dam: Unknown

Birth date: 20 March 2013
FCC Fireball's birth weight: 9 lbs
FCC Lightening's birth weight: 6 lbs
FCC Fireball's ID Tag #: OR 04214-50
FCC Lightening's ID Tag #: OR 04214-52